About Me

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Picture Credit - Paul Davies
For Porsche 911 World

My passion for watches stems from my Father. As I grew up he always seemed to have a different watch on his wrist and it wasn't long before Christmas presents always included a new watch of some kind.

Add my other passion (Classic Porsches - I am the founder of www.ddk-online.com) and the result is a love of all things Vintage Omega and Heuers (my other site is www.heuerheritage.co.uk)

As with any collector I am always looking out for the next acquisition even if the wallet says no! For this very reason I decided to build this website to enable me to sample more of these wonderful watches.

Thanks for visiting my site and please, if you want to know anything about any of the watches featured or would like to discuss a purchase/trade then get in contact with me.

When not playing with watches my day job is as Business Development Director at a digital agency.

Thanks for listening! - Thomas Lubbock